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    A Capable, Trusted, Neutral Change Agent

    Cincinnati MD Jobs, where you can find open doctor jobs in Cincinnati, is an enterprise of the Health Collaborative. The Health Collaborative brings physicians, hospitals, insurance plans, patients, businesses, and community and civic leaders together to find common ground, so that meaningful change can happen. One thing we all agree on is that the people of Cincinnati deserve the best doctors in America.   The Health Collaborative is dedicated to leading Cincinnati toward the three part aim; Better care – Better health – Lower cost.  Browse this section to learn about the many initiatives of the Health Collaborative.

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    Transparency & Reporting

    Nearly 500  physicians are voluntarily reporting their clinical outcomes to a patient facing website, This transparency is providing patients with evidence based information about how well doctors are doing managing chronic conditions such as diabetes. And doctors are using the data to drive improvement in their practices.

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    Data Analysis & Measurements

    By virtue of our trusted relationships with insurance plans, we currently receive and analyze claims data from the five largest plans. We are pioneering new ways to analyze data to find opportunities for significant improvements, set benchmarks and measure change.

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    Innovation & Inspiration

    Cincinnati is home to HealthBridge, a ground breaking health information exchange. We are also a Beacon Community, funded by the federal government to pioneer the meaningful use of health care IT.  At the Health Collaborative, we work with practices to develop their processes to maximize their use of  IT to improve the quality and consistency of patient care. You’ll see exciting pilot programs designed to use technology toward specific health care goals that get started right here in Cincinnati.

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    Steps to Success

    The good news is we are making excellent progress. ED visits are down, so are hospital admissions. We have helped to slow the rate of growth of health care costs to employers. Our health plans are piloting new payment methods to compensate doctors for the work they do to keep patients well. These initiatives are attracting national attention and being duplicated in other cities.

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    Place and Purpose

    If you are looking for place and purpose in a progressive medical community, look around. You may be surprised. If you are like most people, the more you look, the more you’ll like living and working in Cincinnati.

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    Patient-Centered Medical Home

    We are deeply involved in helping primary care practices transform to the Patient-Centered Medical Home model (PCMH).  With nearly 100 practices recognized or pursuing recognition, we have the highest concentration of PCMH practices in the Midwest.

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