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The MD Jobs Staff

Helping You Find the Right Opportunity is Our Mission

Service on Your Terms

When you register on our website, we will contact you to find out how we can best serve you. Some candidates like our guidance and personal touch. Others prefer to find their own match. Either way, it’s all free to you. Our professional staff is here to meet your needs on your terms. 

Nicci Weber


Nicci’s a Westsider. If you’ve lived here you probably know what that means. She shoots straight, she’s practical, and when you tell her what you need, she quietly gets it done. Being a mom, Nicci can certainly give you some pointers on things to do in the area with children and even give you some info on the schools in the community.  Nicci earned her Masters Degree in Human Resource Development from Xavier University. She has built relationships with the residency and fellowship programs in the region and is the primary contact for our members. Nicci also plans and executes the Cincinnati MD Jobs marketing initiatives, promoting our medical community and our services to candidates and members.

Heleena McKinney

Career Concierge

Heleena is an Eastsider.  She enjoys everything about helping people feel settled in, so she’s a natural for working with our job seekers. She has her Masters Degree in Health Education from the University of Cincinnati and previously managed programs with the American Cancer Society. Heleena has lived in six different neighborhoods since moving to Cincinnati 10 years ago and has liked them all. She always has a line on a good wine tasting or live band. She’s an amateur interior designer so let her know if you need help picking paint colors. Heleena serves as the Career Concierge for any physicians or mid-level providers interested in exploring career opportunities in the Greater Cincinnati region.