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The Cincinnati Vibe

We’re not super flashy in Cincinnati, but we think it’s a pretty cool place to be a young professional.  The city makes a good first impression and definitely grows on you. Culture, sports, the outdoors, family life, it’s all here and it’s probably more accessible and affordable here than most other places you are considering.

Over the Rhine


We are neighborhood focused in Greater Cincinnati and each neighborhood has its own name and personality. Some are known for their swanky shopping, others for their hipster vibe.  There are neighborhoods characterized by their classic bungalows and Tudor style homes and others by their painted Victorians.  Our urban core is growing with rehabs and loft apartments. If suburbia makes you feel more at home we have plenty of that too.

Know Theater Over the Rhine

Entertainment and Culture

You like museums, we got that. Traditional art, contemporary art, history, natural science, we even have a sign museum.  You like sports, we got that. Major league baseball, football, pro hockey, college everything, competitive sailing, amateur sports leagues, even dodge-ball teams.  Parks, sidewalk restaurants, lakes and rivers, a music scene, we have that too.


You may have heard Cincinnati is conservative.  That’s partly true.  There is a lot of tradition here and we are proud of that.  Maybe that makes us a little slow to change, but don’t mistake that for being backward.  There is innovation pushing the envelope here if you go looking for it.  It’s just tempered with respect for history, tradition, family and being polite.  Yep, word is we are polite here, maybe to a fault.   And here’s a tip.  If a native Cincinnatian can’t hear what you are saying, instead of saying, “pardon me,” or “can you repeat that,” we say “please?”  Yes, that’s please with a question mark at the end. We can’t explain why. It’s just what we do.

At this point you are probably intrigued by all that Cincinnati has to offer. To find out all the details about the exciting lifestyle here, check out the Cincinnati Chamber’s website.