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The Workstyle For Physicians

Our medical community is one of our most treasured assets.  Through collaboration, hard work, and good fortune, we have been on the receiving end of many important national investments in health care quality improvement.  We are the only community in the entire country to be participating in all three of these important health care innovation programs.

Beacon Community

This three year, $13.8 million dollar investment in health care IT from the Federal Government is in addition to our health information exchange, HealthBridge. Together they put Cincinnati in the forefront of using IT to improve patient outcomes.

Comprehensive Primary Care Community

Cincinnati is one of only seven communities in the U.S. where Medicare and local health plans are supporting family docs with over $15 million dollars a year in patient management fees.  This pilot program is testing a new model of paying for primary care. Soon Medicare and five additional commercial insurance plans will be paying selected primary care practices to fund the work they do to keep patients well, in addition to the work they do treating sick patients. Few other communities are able to execute a pilot program of this magnitude with so many local and national resources.

Aligning Forces for Quality

This multi-year initiative from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is a $4-million dollar investment in local health care innovation focused on quality, transparency and inclusion.