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Ripping your head off looking for a job? Here’s how to fix that.

Ripping your head off looking for a job? Here's how to fix that.

toy docsSometimes looking for a job can literally feel like you’re ripping your head off! You’ve posted your CV online. You’ve browsed hundreds of physician opportunities all over the country.  What more can you do – you’re an overworked resident or fellow, for goodness sake?!

Well, the best bit of advice I can give from the start is to focus on where you want to live. Jot down a quick dream list! Then take that list and really look at it – what are the characteristics of the places that you can’t live without? Besides landmarks, what makes these places special? Is it something to do with sports? Great neighborhoods? A place where your partner or spouse can make their own friends? Whatever makes those places enticing are the elements you should actually look for. You’d be surprised at how many gems are hidden all over the country that have exactly what you want. I hear people say that about Cincinnati every single day.

Once you’ve narrowed down your region, it definitely makes the job search easier. You can then make a list of all the systems and practices in that location and search for opportunities from there. You can ignore all the rest. And if you are thinking Cincinnati as an option, we’ve got you covered. Cincinnati MD Jobs covers 14 counties in Cincinnati, SE Indiana and Northern Kentucky. We have over a hundred positions posted from all the major (and even many minor) systems in our territory. And since we’re not corporate recruiters trying to sell anyone for a buck, these systems actually prefer to use our candidates. We are the nation’s first and ONLY nonprofit recruitment initiative that is focused on one region versus a state or multiple states. We exist to make it easier for you to find Cincinnati. And once you get here, we know you’ll want to stay.

If you’re sick of websites, visit the Cincinnati MD Jobs table at an upcoming physician’s career fair. Though we can’t make it to all of them, this year we’ve attended more than ever before. In 2013 we’ve gotten to know great people in Toledo, Louisville and “music city” – Nashville. Exciting things are happening in our medical community and we simply can’t stop sharing. I know I’d love to meet you and tell you why our region is a great place to be.

Cincinnati MD Jobs Remaining 2013 Career Fairs*

(*All career fair events are open from 5-8pm. Also, we may add additional dates – if you live somewhere you feel we should travel, contact us! )