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#WelcomeToCincy – Jungle Jim’s International Market

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Once you become a part of the Greater Cincinnati Region, there’s no way you won’t hear about Jungle Jim’s International Market! More than just a large grocery, Jungle Jim’s is one of those stores that is credited with making many people here feel like they’ve struck gold. No matter where you are from – Jungle Jim’s has an item that will remind you of home. We’re so thankful that every year they not only give us a copy of their glossy, beautiful & colorful brochures for each and every new resident & fellow – they also donate a $25 gift card for our free raffle. And in 2016 – they stepped it up and also donated several items from their Gourmet Galeria and a 10% coupon off an item in that section – a great new addition to their stores! I’ve gotten so much positive feedback about Jungle Jim’s and it’s always exciting for someone from another country to recognize something they love on the brochure for the store. They have 2 locations – check them out in Fairfield or Eastgate. For directions and more information, visit Happy shopping!